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FathomNet is an open source database for machine learning models and expertly labeled ocean imagery for understanding our ocean and its inhabitants.

Recent advances in machine learning enable fast, sophisticated analysis of visual data, but the use of artificial intelligence in ocean research has been limited by the lack of annotated images needed to train models to recognize and catalog concepts and marine life. 


FathomNet addresses this need by providing tools and services for data manipulation and aggregating images from multiple sources to create a publicly available, expertly curated ocean image database.


The constantly expanding collection of imagery is available to a spectrum of users from marine biologists and data scientists to graduate students and ocean enthusiasts. Users can access years of image data contributed by organizations and collaborators around the globe. 

FathomNet is integrated with the OVAI Portal and through its Application Programming Interface (API) can be linked to a number of external services. Its images are used in a new mobile game, FathomVerse.



FathomNet Workshop 2024

Ocean Vision AI

FathomNet Workshop 2024

Central Coast researchers use artificial intelligence for ocean exploration

KCBX Central Coast Public Radio

Central Coast researchers use artificial intelligence for ocean exploration

Introducing FathomNet


Introducing FathomNet

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